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We are back! I have spent the last nine years working in a large medical device manufacturer not only implementing the SAFe but also building up the infrastructure needed to support larger systems development in a highly regulated environment.

About Us

Aligned Technology was founded with the sole intention of providing our clients with the value added services needed to design, implement, and maintain agile practices throughout the organization; ultimately transforming companies to better meet their strategic goals and objectives. 


When it comes to implementing agile techniques, we first take a holistic approach to identifying the systemic problems that may be currently inhibiting your productivity or quality, as these problems will only be amplified once you move to a more agile process. We then set out to define meaningful, measurable and achievable goals that will provide you with the expected results you are looking for.Our mission is to collaborate with our clients to understand what the organization truly needs, and to make sure those agile practices are providing the expected ROI. We also ensure that whatever we do fits the culture of the organization and ties back with the clients core values.


The Team

Garth Andrews, SPC

SAFe Program Consultant

Garth Andrews is an industry consultant with over 25 years of experience helping firms implement new processes and quality initiatives. Having worked in a wide variety of industries around the world, Garth utilizes this real-world experience when mentoring and training firms on how to go about implementing agile processes designed to optimize throughput and increase predictability and quality. He works with thought leaders in the greater agile community in bringing new ideas to bear on the problem space and continues to consult with and train organizations on how to effectively and efficiently align transformational goals with strategic business objectives to achieve better outcomes


Garth is a certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)


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