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We are back! I have spent the last nine years working in a large medical device manufacturer not only implementing the SAFe but also building up the infrastructure needed to support larger systems development in a highly regulated environment.

Scaling agile for the enterprise


Aligned Technology specializes in helping enterprise organizations scale agile methodologies to achieve optimal business outcomes. We understand that implementing agile practices requires a significant shift in mindset, culture, and processes, and we have the expertise and experience to guide our clients through this complex transformation.


Our unique approach combines agile principles with change management best practices to ensure successful adoption and sustainable growth. At Aligned Technology, we are committed to driving innovation and accelerating business value for our clients through their agile transformation.

 Focus on what matters


Aligned Technology helps organizations maintain their focus on what matters most during their transformation by providing tailored consulting services that address their specific needs and challenges. We work closely with our clients to understand their business objectives and identify the key areas of improvement that will drive success. We guide our clients through the agile transformation process, ensuring that they are focused on the most critical initiatives that will have the greatest impact on their business outcomes. 

Continuously improving the way that you build and deliver products


Many process and quality improvement efforts fail to deal with the systemic problems that can be deeply embedded in firms. While these efforts are well-intentioned, they often focus on fixing surface-level symptoms rather than addressing the underlying root causes of the problems. Let us help you develop a more holistic approach that considers the entire system, including people, processes, technology, and culture. This requires a cultural shift towards a continuous improvement mindset, where everyone is encouraged to identify and address problems at their source. By establishing a culture of accountability, openness, and collaboration, organizations can create an environment where systemic problems are identified and solved at their root, leading to sustainable process and quality improvements that drive business value.