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We are back! I have spent the last nine years working in a large medical device manufacturer not only implementing the SAFe but also building up the infrastructure needed support larger systems development in a highly regulated environment.

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Best Practices for Scaling Agile throughout the Enterprise

In order to succeed, firms need a scalable agile framework that deals with the challenges at the team, program and portfolio level. To that end we have partnered with Scaled Agile, Inc. to leverage the publicly available Scaled Agile Framework for the Enterprise (SAFe). This methodology provides a scalable framework of Lean/Agile practices at the corporate vision and planning levels, ensuring delivery of solutions that are aligned with technology investment themes and corporate goals

Exclusively Focused On Moving Firms to an Agile Product Pipeline


Years of diverse industry experience have provided us with a unique ability to align your development methods with your strategic business objectives, while optimizing throughput of value.

Improving the Way That You Build and Deliver Products


Process and quality improvement efforts are often well intentioned, but they fail to deal with the systemic problems that most firms face. In order to improve product development capabilities we start with our fundamental understanding of how to define and measure business value and ensure alignment with development resources to optimize effectiveness in the marketplace 

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